what to expect

you should expect our session to last between one and two hours. kids look their best when they are happy and

at ease, so i like to photograph in

comfortable places. for me, this means backyards and breakfast tables, but you may prefer to meet at a park or a coffee shop. together, we can come up

with a location that will work well.

i use natural, available light so midmorning and early afternoons are especially good times for photographs.

a sunny window in your home will often

bring unbelievable magic.

posing will be minimal....they are beautiful just as they are

and i like to follow their lead.

however, if you would like some more formal shots, just let me know and we can take care of those first.

two weeks following your shoot, you will receive a password to the online gallery where you will be able to view

25 to 35 edited images from our session.

your prints will arrive two to three weeks

after you place your order.


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